Saturday Keynoters

See below for the bios and promo videos for our 2021 presenters at the Winter Institute 2021

Dr. José Medina is the founder and Chief Educational Advocate for Dr. José Medina: Educational Solutions. Prior to establishing the boutique educational consulting firm, Dr. Medina served as Research Scientist and Director of Global Languages and Culture at the Center for Applied Linguistics (CAL) in Washington, DC. José provides dual language and critical consciousness technical assistance, professional development, and job-embedded support to education programs across the United States and globally. He is a former dual language school principal and district leader. José has served as an administrator/educator/advocate at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. Dr. Medina is a co-author of the third edition and widely-used Guiding Principles for Dual Language Education. He is also responsible for the development of the C6 Biliteracy Framework: Lesson Planning Through a Critical Consciousness Lens, a tool used by educators to lesson plan via an anti-bias, anti-racist lens.

Alexandra Guilamo, Chief Equity & Achievement Officer for TaJu Educational Solutions is a leading expert in the education and effective leadership of dual-language, bilingual education, and language learners’ achievement. As a language learner herself, Alexandra has spent more than twenty years serving a wide range of language learners. She is a former teacher, academic coach, elementary school principal, and district-level director in highly diverse urban and suburban school districts.This range of experiences has equipped her with a unique lens that brings together a deep knowledge of second language acquisition, the guidance of evidence-based practices, and an ability to tailor supports to the distinct contexts and needs of each school she serves.

Mercedes Muñoz is a licensed Special Education teacher for Portland Public Schools. She has taught at Franklin High School since 2013 as an Instructional Lead, Push-in Specialist, Learning Center, and Intensive Skills Center Teacher. Mrs. Muñoz is the Oregon 2020 Teacher of the Year. Her expertise in the field of education has been recognized by the National Education Association Foundation, World Arts Foundation, Portland Public Schools Excellence in Education Award, and the Oregon Alliance of Black School Educators. Muñoz is known for advocacy for all children, with an emphasis on supporting historically resilient and systemically underesourced students. She is a fierce advocate for families and children who experience exceptionalities. Muñoz is known as a ̈force of nurture. ̈ She holds a BA in English and Masters in Special Education from Portland State University. Mercedes ́ passions include writing poetry, cooking with her daughters, and enjoying time in nature; especially near water!